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Do you have a title that you have been looking for?

If you have been looking for a classic title that is available in the Public Domain and we don't already have it, chances are that we can publish it for you. Please contact us for more information and to check availability. A copy of a favorite novel could be the perfect gift for the reading buff in your family.

Great Reads

Little Women


The Great Gatsby




Classic coming of age story by Louisa May Alcott

Jazz age Drama of a life of excess by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Classic tale of "should we use this knowledge or shouldn't we" by Mary Shelley

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The Enchanted April

Moby Dick



Epic tale of adventures at sea and the quest for revenge by Herman Melville

Timeless novel about love and friendship by Elizabeth Von Arnim

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To have a peek at all of our titles please visit our Amazon bookstore using the link below. We are adding new titles all the time so please check back often!

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

A fantastical adventure of a child growing up in a life that she is confused with by Lewis Carroll


PRide & Prejudice

Historical critique on Victorian society and young women coming of age by Jane Austen


Romeo & Juliet

Classic Shakespearean tragedy of young lovers caught in their families' feud by William Shakespeare


about us

At Angelmedia Publishing we believe in sharing the classic stories of yesteryear with the current and upcoming generations. We are all about publishing historical works of fiction that have important stories to tell. Some were very politically charged and others touched upon some subjects that were often considered taboo. While some did not gain support or recognition until years after they were published they still are important views into the beliefs of society and how it influenced and molded the people of those eras. Other novels were light and whimsical and brought you into a world of fantasy with the author's amazing imaginations.

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At Angelmedia Publishing our aim is to provide you with access to the classics with economy in mind. We are publishing classic titles at economical prices in the paperback version first. We will be offering these same titles in a Hardcover version and e-book version at some time in the future(at different pricing levels).

If you are searching for a title in one of these formats and we don't already have it please reach out and if it is available on Public Domain we will see if we can publish it for you.

We have only a small number of available titles listed here. Please visit our offerings on Amazon for the complete library of titles offered.

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